Bon Appétit-"Cold brewing is simpler and much more forgiving than just cooling down coffee," says Grady Laird, co-owner of Grady's Cold Brew. "Plus it tastes better: It's smoother, without the bite associated with hot coffee. In the end, it's more refreshing--and when it's 95 degrees outside, that's what matters." Word.

For the uninitiated, cold brew is the marriage of ground coffee and cold or room-temperature water left to steep for up to 24 hours, then strained and served over ice. The resulting extraction is all soft edges; a smooth, bright, floral cup of mellow without the bitterness of a hot brew…



New York Magazine-While you’re waiting for pour-over coffee to dribble into your cup, here’s something new. Grady’s Cold Brew has the same punch without the drip-drop-yawn part.
This fast-expanding Brooklyn company adds chicory to locally roasted Porto Rico Importing Co. beans for increased sweetness.

Women's Health-Grady’s Cold Brew, which is made in Brooklyn and recently won BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown, is a prime example. The bottled coffee concentrate, which non-Brooklynites can buy online at is pre-sweetened with chicory, New Orleans-style, so it rings in at a mere 10 calories per cup and is sugar-free.

Huffington Post-The Wakefield crew found itself a few rounds deep at the bar at SXSW. A few rounds of coffee, that is. Grady's Cold Brew (cold brew coffee concentrate) has since become something of an obsession around these parts. We'll take ours straight, with a shot of milk.

BevNET-Grady Laird and Dave Sands, the co-founders of the company, received $10,000 in cash and prizes, and in a brief victory speech the pair declared that the money would be used to purchase a forklift – certainly not the sexiest way to spend their winnings, but a clear indication that the hard work that got them the win would continue into the days ahead.

Mike Shouts-Instead of putting down your hard earned money on cold drip contraption that would probably takes longer to turn out a measly cup of cold joe than it would take you to enter the dreamland, you can grab yourself a couple of Grady’s Cold Brew and satisfy your caffeine addiction almost in an instant.

New Orleans Tidbits-A delish blend of freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water, just mix it with milk or water and serve it to your preference; on the rocks or piping hot in a mug.


Good Morning America – The newest trend in coffee says brew it cold, drink it any way you like. One bottle of the electric concentrate will keep you caffeinated for 3 weeks…


GQ – Coffee is not hard to come by here at GQ—there’s free sludge in the office kitchen, cheap, burnt swill down in the cafeteria, and more than one espresso machine on our floor. We are not wanting for ways to get a caffeine fix. But open up the office fridge and you’ll find it stacked top to bottom with…


COOL HUNTING – Until the recent meteoric rise of the cold brew concept, the average consumer was resigned to hot-brewed coffee that had been chilled—condensing all the bitter acids and oils that come from heated preparation. Now that grassroots cafes are cold brewing and price-points of high end models aren’t too prohibitive for at-home adventurers…


Uncrate – Iced coffee is a great way to cool down in the heat of the summer, but if you’d tried making it, you know it’s a little more complicated than brewing a normal pot and waiting on it to cool down….


Wired – Mmmm. You’re thinking of making a nice tall glass of iced-coffee, sweet, creamy and with the strong hit of an espresso. Do you a) throw a 250-gram (half-pound) pack of ground coffee into a liter (0.038 cubic feet) or so of cold water, stir once and set aside for 12 hours, only to strain it and be left with a delicious and concentrated hit of non-bitter caffeine or…


The Awesomer – The Big Easy offers some of the best iced coffee on the planet. Maybe it’s the sweltering heat that makes it taste better. Get a little shot of heaven with this NOLA-style concentrate…


Turner PR – I have many strong suits, but I’ll admit it – the kitchen is not my forte. The most complicated dishes I make are toast and cereal, and no matter how many times I’ve been taught to use a coffee machine, I still haven’t mastered the art – even though I am a caffeine fanatic!…


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