Grady's Gifts

Singles - For the adult who still likes to have their stocking stuffed

Our Bean Bags make it super easy to brew Grady's yourself at home. They contain the same blend of ground coffee beans, chicory, and spices we brew at our factory—so you'll get that same great taste!

Bean Bag Cans - For the coworker whose gift everyone will want to steal

Our Bean Bag Cans include 4 of our Bean Bags, which make it super easy to brew Grady's yourself at home. They contain the same blend we brew at our factoryso you'll get that same great taste!

Ground Coffee - For the cold brew lover that prefers it hot in the winter

Grady's Cold Brew ground coffee is expertly crafted for a true New Orleans-style home-brewing experience. You'll get a velvety-smooth cup with every brew.


Case of 6 - For the year-round iced coffee drinker

A Case of 6 Bean Bag Bundles makes it easy to brew Grady's yourself at home, with the bonus of coming in this super cool (wrappable) box!

The Spouch - For the college kid with a kid-sized dorm fridge

Our all-in-one Spouch (a pouch with a spout!) is our simplest option for cold brewing. Just add water to the spouch to brew 48 ounces of cold brew! Also perfect cars, campsites, and fridges.

Cold Brew Kit - For the jet setter who needs quality coffee wherever they land

The Cold Brew Kit includes 12 of our Bean Bags, plus our super-easy "Pour and Store" Pouchbrew and serve from the same pouch! In total, it brews 36 servings of delicious cold brew.

Bottled Concentrate - For the espresso martini drinker... that is too lazy to pull a shot

Grady’s brought the cold brew revolution to the masses in 2011 with our bottled New Orleans–Style coffee concentrate. Give the gift that keeps giving...

Bag-In-Box - For the exhausted host of a gigantic family gathering

Grady's Cold Brew New Orleans–Style coffee concentrate in a box! For those Grady's lovers that can't be bothered by pesky bottle caps. Cold brew at the push of a button.

Merch - For the Grady's fan that is overstocked on cold brew

Hoodies, pull-over sweat shirts, tumblers, and hats, whatever the Grady's Superfan in your life needs - we got it.