Dalgona Coffee Grady's Style

⁣Dalgona Coffee.. done Grady’s style 😎

This photo and recipe is courtesy of @yambands!

Pretty simple ingredients:⁣

  • Instant coffee (important, can’t be liquid at this point) ⁣
  • Sugar⁣
  • Hot water⁣
  • A hand mixer (or a whisk or really just a spoon)⁣
  • Milk or alternative of choice⁣
  • Grady’s Cold Brew, duh⁣⁣

Using a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, boiling water, and sugar you want to whisk away until you whip up a decently stiff fluff... (pro-tip: using 2-3tbsp of each will help get enough volume to make it work easier (although you can get away with less sugar at these sizes)⁣

Once you’re all fluffed up, fill your cup with ice and add your milk/milk alt at the bottom, add layer of Grady’s after that and top off with your heavenly creation. ⁣

And that’s that! Bottoms up, folks!



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