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Why does the serving size on my Grady's concentrate bottle say 5 servings now instead of 8?

Nothing has changed with the total fluid ounces in a bottle or the formulation of our cold brew. It was simply an FDA mandated serving size change (8 fl oz changed to 12 fl oz a serving). Each 32 oz bottle makes eight 8 oz servings or about five 12 oz servings.

Why isn’t there free shipping for liquid products?

Our bottles are heavy, breakable and must be kept cold, which makes them costly to pack and ship.

How long does Grady's Cold Brew Concentrate last?

Our cold brew concentrate has an expiration date of 90 days after it's brewed. Once opened, it will stay fresh for two weeks in the fridge

How do I make iced coffee from Grady's Cold Brew?

We suggest mixing our concentrate with an equal amount of milk (skim, whole, soy, almond, etc.) or cold water and pouring over ice. Add sugar to taste.

How much concentrate do I use to make a glass of iced coffee?

To make our Cold Brew, pour 4 ounces of Grady's concentrate and 4 ounces of water or milk over ice. Don't worry about being exactly precise: Since it's a concentrate, you can't mess it up. Too strong? Add more water or milk. Too weak? Add more concentrate. We suggest starting with a 1 to 1 ratio, but you can always adjust to your taste.

Can you heat up the concentrate?

Yes. For hot coffee, heat the mixture of Grady's concentrate and milk or water in a microwave (or on the stovetop) until hot but not boiling. Approximately a minute in the microwave.

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Can you brew ready-to-drink iced coffee?

Yes. If you don't want to make a concentrate, just double the water you use when you brew. This is best if you drink your coffee black or would like to use less dairy.

How long will concentrate stay fresh?

It will stay fresh in your fridge for a couple of weeks. The smaller the container (which means there is less air to oxidize the coffee), the fresher it will stay. But since you can adjust the number of servings you brew, we recommend brewing only what you would consume in a week (when it tastes the best).

How many servings (glasses of iced coffee) does one Bean Bag make?

Each Grady's Bean Bag will make 3 servings (12 ounces) of coffee concentrate. So, if you brew all four bags at once, you will get 12 servings (48 ounces) of Grady's Cold Brew.

Can you brew hot coffee with the bean bags?

Yes, you can place the Bean Bags directly in a coffee maker (in place of the filter and grounds). We recommend using 4-6 cups of water per Bean Bag. You can also place the Bean Bags in a heat-proof container (such as a French-press) and pour boiling water directly on the bags. Gently stir the bags until just soaked and let brew for a couple of minutes. Remove bags and either discard or compost.

What can I brew the Bean Bags in?

You can use just about any vessel that holds water: a plastic or glass pitcher, French-press, any bowl or Tupperware, a stainless steel pot (avoid aluminum, as it can alter the flavor), or even a Ziploc baggy. Use the chart on the back of the can to determine how many bags you would like to brew and how much water you will need to hold.

How long do I brew for?

The easiest, foolproof way is 12 hours. If you put the coffee on at 9 pm, then it should come off at 9 am the next day. We don't recommend brewing for less than 12 hours (the flavor won't be as strong), but you can certainly leave it on for longer if you want it stronger. Don't go for more than 24 hours, though (the flavor will not improve past that point, and the bags could break too easily).

How can I make it stronger?

To get every last drop of the concentrate, we recommend using a strainer or sieve when you are ready to remove the bags. Strain for five or so minutes before throwing away (or composting) the bags. The liquid trapped in the bag has the strongest flavor.

Do you make a decaf version?

We sure do. Check out our decaf Bean Bags.

What happens if my bag breaks?

This can sometimes happen. If your bag breaks, just continue to brew. When it's time to remove the bags, remove them as gently as possible to keep the grounds in. Pour the rest of the liquid through a strainer with a paper towel or coffee filter on the bottom. It can be a little slow and messy, but the flavor will be intact.

Other FAQs

Is Grady's Kosher?

Only items with a KOF-K logo are kosher-certified

What is cold brewing?

Cold brewing is a process in which coffee is brewed by soaking grounds in cold water overnight. After steeping, the coffee is filtered to separate the grounds and silt from the liquid.

What makes cold brew special?

Cold brewing produces a unique (and, in our opinion, superior) taste to heat brewing. When heat is used to brew iced coffee, it releases acids and oils that are intensified when the coffee is cooled down in the refrigerator. The result is a bitter brew with a short shelf life. Cold brewing, on the other hand, produces an intense but smooth flavor that mixes perfectly with milk and stays fresh for one month in the refrigerator.

What makes it New Orleans–Style?

The addition of chicory makes it New Orleans–Style. Chicory adds a natural, subtle sweetness that tastes great with dark-coffee roast.

What is Chicory?

Chicory is the root of the endive plant; endive is a leaf vegetable enjoyed both cooked and raw, often in salads. It was brewed for centuries as a substitute for coffee and is now beloved for the natural, subtle sweetness it adds.

Does chicory have caffeine?

No, there is no caffeine in chicory, but Grady’s Cold Brew is caffeinated.

How much caffeine is in each serving?

Each 4 ounce serving of our coffee concentrate contains 83mg of caffeine and our decaf cold brew contains 3.4mg of caffeine.

How is your decaf decaffeinated?

The beans are naturally rinsed of their caffeine using the Swiss Water Method. Read more about what that means here.

Why is the decaf more expensive?

Decaffeinated coffee starts out as regular coffee and is grown, processed and then shipped to the country where the decaffeination process takes place.The extra international shipping costs and the Swiss Water Decaffeination process make it expensive to produce.

Is your coffee safe for pregnant women to drink?

Please check with your doctor or health care professional to determine what is best for your health.

What is our coffee return policy?

Due to the perishable nature of our coffee products, we do not accept returns. However, we are quite willing to resolve problems as they arise. If you have any issues with your coffee, or if there are errors in your order, please contact us at within 2 days of delivery. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.

Do we offer free shipping?

We provide free, standard shippinig on our brew-at-home products on orders $49 or more.

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