Don't Tell Richard

Grady's Cold Brew - Grady's Don't Tell Richard Cocktail
🤫 Don't Tell Richard 🤫 mixed and shot by @mixwithmarie ;) based off the kit from @shakerandspoon - ain’t it beautiful!?⁣

From @mixwithmarie : Do you like playing around with cocktail kits? I recently received a cocktail kit by @shakerandspoon . The recipe was created by Dan Watson who knows a lot of rum and is know for adapting traditional island ingredients and classic formula. ⁣

The recipe called for a lightly aged blended rum, so I decided to use @rocksoundrum Smoked Coconut Rum. I've never thought about brewing coffee with coconut water but it's my favorite way of brewing now. It makes a super delicious coffee! ⁣

2oz @rocksoundrum Smoked Coconut Rum ⁣
2oz Coconut Cold Brew (@gradyscoldbrew x @onceuponacoconut ) ⁣
1/2 ox Mauby Syrup *- ginger root, lime zest , cinnamon, allspice ,mauby bark, and citric acid ⁣
3 dashes of Angostura bitters ⁣

Garnish with Dehydrated orange and banana chip 🍌


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