Grady's 60 Second Shake

Grady's 60-Second Shake! 4 simple ingredients to make and unbelievably delicious, nutritious and easy shake.


  • In a mason jar (or whatever) add:
    • 6oz Grady's Cold Brew
    • 4oz Almond Milk (or dairy/oat/soy - you're the boss)
    • 2tbsp Chia Seeds
    • 1.5 Scoops Chocolate Protein Powder

Shake/stir and soak overnight, shake again when you're ready to drink and you're off to the races.

28 grams of protein and 390 calories to start the day off strong packed with Omega-3, fiber and a healthy jolt of caffeine without the preservatives, chemicals, nonsense you find in many "nutritional shakes."


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