To-Go Tumbler

$ 16.75

  • To-Go Tumbler - Grady's Cold Brew
  • To-Go Tumbler - Grady's Cold Brew
  • To-Go Tumbler - Grady's Cold Brew

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Make those pesky disposable cups a thing of the past. The Grady's To-Go Cup provides you with the perfect vessel for 16 oz. of velvety, smooth cold brew iced coffee. This double-walled marvel of a cup provides users with a sweat-free drinking experience. That's right! No more pools of condensation at your desk or in your cup holder. It's even branded with everyone's favorite Grady's Cold Brew Badge, a sure sign of a great cup of coffee.

Keep on fighting the good fight against time and money wasted at the coffee shop and bring the perfect cup of cold brew with you wherever you go. Just add ice and your Grady's mixture of choice for the painless, daily coffee solution you've always dreamed of.

Material: BPA Free Plastic 
Size: 16 oz. 

Care: Hand wash only

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